Women’s Central with Heechul [Translation] – From 140327


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You are 32 this year?
Yes, it was like yesterday that I was 30, suddenly I am 32.

Shouldn’t you be leaving SJ now? (laugh) You are now like the backbone of idols. What do you think of the new idols?
I feel bad when I see those idols debuting at a very young age. I have done everything that I should have done and should not have done when I was a student. Like working part time, getting hit by the teacher, playing with friends… I have done all those things. Now the rookies start training at a very young age, they almost didn’t have any memories of student life and they don’t have many friends too.

Did you debut immediately after graduating from high school?
Yes, I was the kind that debuted late. Most of them become…

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